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just a short note to tell you how much you have helped me. And appreciate you and the gift gods given you to help heal broken people. God bless you this Christmas and may his blessing be yours throughout the new year.

Tim Robinson

PS: I need a needle stack permanently in the crown of my head.
Ha ha almost wish that were possible.

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Sep 8, 2006

To Whom It may Concern.

When I was advised by a Neurologist to have acupuncture treatment for numbness in my fingers I never expected it to even help with my heart beat and atria fibrillation.

Last week I was scheduled to have an electric shock treatment to my heart to correct the problem. After being prepped for the treatment in the hospital, a last minute electro cardiogram revealed that the treatment was not necessary. My heart was seemed to have been cured from the problem. I attribute it to the acupuncture that I have been getting from Rita. This improvement came as a great surprise to both my cardiologist and me. I sincerely recommend acupuncture for anybody with health problems.


Margaret Guiness

Eric Partida Referral


When I first came to doctor Rita, I was visually impaired due to brain hemorrhage. Soon after doctor Rita
started treating me, my vision returned to normal and I’ve been doing great since.

Eric Partida

Floyd Van De Vere referral

Sep 2005

I find Rita’s treatments exeptionally benefical for both physical pain and emotional blockage. I highly recommend her to my clients.

Floyd Van De Vere
Mariage Family Therapist

Socorro Kumano


I came to Rita to treat my thyroid, I also suffer headaches, digestive problems, caused by anxiety. I have experienced a faster recovery, my thyroid is in balance now and I don’t suffer of any of the symptoms I had. I feel more in balance. My life is stressful and keeping myself on maintenance with acupuncture helps me to maintain a balance and happy life.

Thank you Rita for being so caring and sweet,

Socorro Kumano


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