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Nutritional Counseling involves designing nutritional programs to meet patients’ individual needs. This includes assessing the patient’s overall state of health, surveying symptoms, and analyzing current dietary patterns. From this, recommendations can be made for diet modification and the possible inclusion of natural whole food dietary supplements. Nutritions

Compared to other populations, Americans tend to be overfed yet undernourished. When provided with the right balance of nutrients and calories, the human body’s capacity for self-repair can be stimulated.

Whole food supplements are made by concentrating food. These provide the body with the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutriens) that may not be present in sufficient quantities within one’s diet. The combination of healthier diet, regular exercise, and high-quality supplements can enable patients to experience significant improvements in their overall state of health.

To explore this course of treatment, complete the following: Symptoms Survey Form and Daily Record of Food Intake Form. If you’re currently experiencing severe symptoms, also complete the following: Toxicity Questionnaire. This information will make it possible to properly individualize the Nutritional Counseling & Therapy program in advance of your first appointment.

Herbal Treatments

For over two thousand years, herbal treatments have been integral to the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. These herbal practices evolved from the integration of China’s historical folk medicine remedies with those from other parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and the Americas.


Chinese herbal prescriptions are synergetic in nature. That means the prescription often consists of various herbs prepared together that naturally compliment each other and function well together within the body. The intent and nature of the prescription is to clear the condition–while nourishing and sustaining body functions. This also helps to minimize recurrences of the condition. The practitioner will devise a treatment plan to remedy the patient’s condition and may also integrate Acupuncture into the healing regimen.

Herbal preparations may take the form of a powder, capsules, or tablets. I use only organically grown herbs that have been produced here in the United States under strict FDA control in my practice. They are free of heavy metal contamination and other harmful pollutants.


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