For Patients

I make every effort to arrange appointments at a time most convenient for my patients. Where urgent cases are concerned, it may be possible to schedule an appointment within 24 hours time. Patients should bring the following documents to the initial consultation:

  • Medical insurance card (if applicable)
  • List of medications taken
  • Medical and/or surgical history
  • Recent X-ray, CT, MRI scans, medical records (if available)
  • Worker’s Compensation information (if applicable)
  • Insurance and attorney information (for personal injury cases)

You can save time by downloading, printing, and completing the following forms prior to our appointment:

Please allow an hour for your initial consultation and treatment—plus 40 minutes for the treatment. Kindly wear loose clothing. It is recommended not to have a treatment on either an empty or a full stomach. You might wish to have some fruit or small snack prior to your treatment.

If acupuncture is not covered by your insurance plan, my fees for professional services can be found in the price list:

If you wish to use the “Ask ‘Doctor’ Rita a Question” feature, kindly make your query as brief and concise as possible.


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